TiM 2018 – Trends in Mindfulness 2018: “From modeling consciousness to rethinking dissociative and psychotic mental states”

Join us in Turin, November 9-10-11, 2018!

InTo Brain, AIM (Associazione Italiana per la Mindfulness) and CMC (Consciousness Mindfulness Compassion International Association) are glad to announce TiM 2018 – Trends in Mindfulness 2018, to be held in Turin, Italy, from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th November 2018.

The title of the conference, in its first edition, is “From modeling consciousness to rethinking dissociative and psychotic mental states”.

Over the last few years, a great deal of attention has been paid to Mindfulness (Insight) Meditation and, consequently, Mindfulness-Based Interventions have become a hot, and often misunderstood, trending topic for psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and philosophy.

The aim of this conference will be to be provide an interactive arena, selecting and focusing on emerging topics, new directions, unattended or critical issues in the clinical applications and theoretical and scientific research on Mindfulness.

The leading concept of TiM is to identify two main topics and to invite researchers on mindfulness meditation who share the rare characteristic of a renowned and authoritative expertise in their own scientific discipline and, at the same time, who have developed a long-term familiarity with meditation, as well as with the contemplative traditions. This combination and integration of scientific and contemplative knowledge is the conceptual foundation of TiM 2018.

TiM aims to go deep: to allow some depth in the sharing and discussion, the keynote presentations will last a hour and a half. Following every keynote speaker’s intervention, the audience will be divided into small groups: participants will have the the possibility to briefly discuss the topic of the intervention and identify few questions to be asked to the keynote speaker. Moreover, there will be a panel discussion with time to foster some substantial exchanges, and a mutual dialogue between researchers and the audience.

The scheduled keynote speakers invited to share and discuss are:

Henk Barendregt, Radboud University (NL) – Mathematical Logician & Vipassana meditation teacher

Peter Malinowski, John Moores University, Liverpool (UK) – Cognitive Neuroscientist & meditation teacher in the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism

– Thomas Metzinger, Johannes Gutemberg Universitat, Mainz (DE), Philosopher of Mind & long-term meditator

Thorsten Barnhofer, Exeter University (UK) – Psychologist, psychoterapist, Yoga teacher and Mindfulness-based interventions teacher (MBCT and MBSR)

Tanya Lecchi, Northampton University and Anna Freud Center, UCL, London (UK) – Psychologist, psychoterapist and Mindfulness-based interventions teacher (MBCT and MBSR)


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