Pre-conference Workshop: ‘Eye-movements in the visual context’

Torino – New dates to be confirmed

Brief description of the workshop

The workshop will focus on the use of eye-tracking in the visual world. It will address some methodological issues about the experimental design and procedure, and the analysis and interpretation of eye-movements. After a theoretical introduction about the effects of anticipation and prediction in the visual world, a practical session will address some methodological issues in designing an experiment with eye-tracking, and in visualizing and analyzing eye-tracking data.

Theoretical and practical sessions will be held by Francesca Foppolo – Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca, Milano (Italy).

Target audience

This workshop is meant for researchers interested in learning how eye-movements can reveal the underlying mechanisms of language processing in visual context, and how to design experiments with eye-tracking. The course material is appropriate for researchers with basic skills in experimental design and some basic statistical skills; some familiarity with R (for statistical analyses and visualization of the data) is advisable (but not necessary). No previous experience with eye-tracking is necessary; no programming experience is required, although familiarity with Experiment Builder, E-Prime or Opensesame might be useful.

Tentative Program

9.30 – 10.00  Welcoming and Introduction

10.00 – 13.00  Anticipation and prediction in the visual world: an overview of the phenomena tested; analysis of the experimental paradigms employed in the literature; some methodological considerations.

13.00 – 14.15  Break

14.15 – 15.45  Practical session – Designing an experiment with eye-tracking in the visual context: methodological issues and practical examples

15.45 – 16.00  Break

16.00 – 18.00  Practical session – Visualizing and analyzing eye-tracking data in the visual context: the current debate and practical examples

The workshops are organized with the support of the 
Turin University Neuroscience PhD Program

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