Peter Malinowski is a Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience at the John Moore University of Liverpool (UK) and he’s the Director of the Meditation Research Lab at LJM University’s Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour. He is the Programme Leader for LJMU’s new MSc Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Programme.

In his work he builds on his experience of practicing and teaching Buddhist meditation for more than 20 years and on his extensive expertise in Cognitive Neuroscience. His research focuses on investigating the underlying mechanisms of meditation practice with the aim of understanding the resulting changes, ranging from physiological processes, to brain functions to subjective experience.

Peter is particularly interested in advancing meditation as a preventative approach and a way of unveiling inherent psychological strengths and qualities of mind. With his work he furthermore aims to ensure that the potentially life-changing effects of meditation practices do not get lost through excessive commodification.

In addition to research concerned with the underlying mechanisms of meditation, Dr Malinowski’s projects also take an applied focus, for example:

1) the role of mindfulness regarding appetite, eating behaviour and eating disorders

2) the question if and how regular meditation practice can help staying cognitively fit in older age,

3) if and how meditation training in the workplace can unfold beneficial effects,

4) whether mindfulness-based surgery preparation can improve recovery and prevent the development of post-operative pain and

5) the long-term effects of regular meditation practice on mind and brain.


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