Pre-conference Workshop: Multimodal interfaces

Genoa – Monday 8th July, 2019 – Casa Paganini, InfoMus Research Centre, Piazza di Santa Maria in Passione, 34.

This workshop focuses on the foundational elements of multimodal interfaces, i.e., human-computer interfaces that analyze and fuse information from different sensory channels. The goal is to present guidelines and techniques for the design and development of multimodal interfaces to be exploited in several application scenarios, including e.g., museum and cultural applications, performing arts, entertainment, education, and rehabilitation. A special focus is on automated analysis of movement and gesture. Speech and facial expressions are also addressed. Techniques are illustrated with the help of concreted examples developed with the EyesWeb XMI Platform.


The workshop will be held by:

Prof. Gualtiero Volpe (Casa Paganini – InfoMus, DIBRIS, University of Genova)

9.00 – 10.45 – Introduction to multimodal interfaces.

Post-WIMP interfaces. Motivations for multimodality. Guidelines for designing multimodal interfaces. Tools for implementing multimodal interfaces: EyesWeb XMI.

11.15 – 13.00 – Analysis of human full-body movement and gesture (part 1)

Conceptual framework. Introduction to motion capture technologies. Extraction of low-level gesture and movement features.

14.00 – 15.45 – Analysis of human full-body movement and gesture (part 2)

Extraction of mid-level gesture and movement features. Theories and models for movement analysis. Case studies.

16.15 – 18.00 – Analysis of intrapersonal and interpersonal synchrony

Introduction to synchrony and its role in multimodal interfaces. Techniques based on Recurrent Quantification Analysis. Event based synchronization. Case studies.


The workshop will be held at Casa Paganini, InfoMus Research Centre, Piazza di Santa Maria in Passione, 34 – Genoa (Italy).


The workshop is free and is reserved for all participants registered for the JAM conference and/or for the PredPsych workshop


Registration is now closed.

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